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Environmental Contaminants

Building structures should be understood to form controlled micro-environments for the betterment of the structures inhabitants. These controlled environments can be negatively infected by microscopic and other contaminates with varying degrees of impact on the buildings occupants. Some of these contaminates have been subject to regulation (i.e., asbestos and lead) while others have been subject to intense media attention but remain unregulated (i.e., mold and other microbial contaminates).

Paragon Restoration & Building hold certifications in mold, asbestos & lead remediation. Awareness, familiarity with major contaminates, and commitment to protecting your home environment is part of what distinguishes us from other contractors. We are concerned about the health and safety of our customers and employees and will do all within our power to ensure your home or office remain healthy throughout the repair or remodel process.

Sources for Mold Growth & Other Microbial Contaminations:

• Leaky Faucets

• Damp Basements

• Damp Crawl Spaces

• Moisture in Dirty Home Environments

• Sewer Back Up

• Dark Environments with High Humidity

• Furnaces or Air Conditioners

• Inside the Refrigerator

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Unregulated Contaminates

Microbial contaminates are unregulated in most areas of the country includes the State of Colorado. The health risks associated with microbial contaminates are much harder to regulate these contaminates are naturally occurring and each individual can be differently impacted or not. Common microbial contaminates include.

Mold –

There are over 30,000 cataloged species of mold. Only a few of these species are commonly problematic in building environments. Mold spore are omni-present at naturally occurring levels and common to any environment that becomes wet or stays wet for any length of time.

Bacteria, parasites, virus, etc. –

These microbial contaminates are generally associated with dirty environments or water losses from unclean sources such as irrigation or sewage. In wet environments these microbial contaminates multiply exponentially and can pose a serious health risk to building occupants.

Regulated Contaminates

Asbestos –

Colorado Department of Health regulates disturbance or removal of asbestos containing building materials. Common sources of asbestos in the home are drywall texture, vinyl floor coverings, certain glues used with tile, among others. These products represent no health hazard while in place. Disturbing these items for remodel and repair can result in releasing asbestos fibers into the environment.

Lead –

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates disturbance or removal of lead based paints. Lead based paints were common until outlawed in 1978. Disturbing lead based paint can release lead into the environment which can then be ingested.



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