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Fire Damage

Fire damage may involve MUCH more loss than the obvious material damages. Here at Paragon Restoration we are compassionate about what you and your loved ones may be going through. We are sensitive to your situation and will work hard to help you cope with the tragedy.

Feelings or questions you may be experiencing:

• Devastation & Displacement
• Lost on where to go from here
• Trying to understand the process
• Where do I find resources
• What if I don’t have insurance
• Education & Prevention
• Who do I contact to clean up the debris
• Dealings with potential loss of life
• Loss of irreplaceable heirlooms & treasures
• How do I ensure my families safety & where do we go during the restoration

All of these feelings and questions are real and valid. At some point they will need to be addressed. Here at Paragon Restoration; we genuinely understand the concerns and will help to sort through the process. Our mission is to help make such disaster a distant memory. We can assist you in getting through the turmoil and help piece your life back together, one step at a time.

Resource Connection:

• American Red Cross
• Salvation Army
• Religious Organizations
• Public Health Department
• Community Groups
• State or municipal emergency service office
•Non-Profit Crisis- Counseling Centers



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