1. What are some of the concerns or perils of considering a remodel, addition, or restoration project?

A. Some of the things to consider depend on the size and scope of the project. If demolition or removal of old building materials is required then we must consider that there could be lead based paint, asbestos, mold, load bearing walls, or plumbing and electrical.


2. Does Medicare pay for home modifications?

A. No, but some individuals are qualified for benefits under the Colorado State Medicaid Waiver Home Modification program. In order to find out if you qualify under this grant program, contact your local Case Manager through Mesa County Department of Human Services.


3. I need to be sure my home is ready for my loved one to come home from the hospital. What options are out there to help me make my home safe for my loved one?

A. There are many options available to you. It is our recommendation to take the first step by having one of our Certified Aging In Place specialists come to your home and provide a safety home assessment. During the assessment the home and daily activities of the family will be evaluated and the best options will be discussed.


4. I have an occupational therapist coming to my home to provide a home assessment to ensure it is safe. Is it best practice to have Paragon Restoration come to my home at the same time as the therapist, or should I wait?

A. Your OT knows the physical abilities and challenges of your loved one and is key to ensuring the best options for making your home safe. It is a recommended best practice to have one of our Certified Aging in Place specialist's partner with your OT, working together to find the most functional solutions addressing all your safety concerns in your home.


5. My loved one temporarily needs a way to function at home until they are able to live independently again. Are there temporary options to make a home accessible?

A. Absolutely! Depending on the type of accessible needs for your loved one. Our certified accessibly professionals are educated and trained on the latest industry trends and will help you walk through all your options.